4Dpresence Hotel Experience™

4Dpresence transforms hotels into unique broadcast production centers. Our holographic displays and our global network enables compelling events, business meetings, and guest interaction.

Mobile Holographic Fleet

The patented 4Dpresence holographic systems are able to image people live, such as celebrities, at hundreds of events around the world. Our mobile fleet can set up at temporary locations for product launches, political campaigns, and more.

VIP Security

VIPs requiring high security detail have a new holographic presence option. The experience enables VIPs to appear in stunning realism at a podium and fully interact with an audience, yet be safe at a remote location.

Personal Broadcasting

The 4Dpresence patented system for personal broadcasting enables people to effectively set up production in their home and offices for live interactive transmission to our holographic experiences. The result is astounding communication.

4Dpresence Studios

Our 4Dpresence creative production team is able to make nearly any vision a reality. Our team is experienced at concept creation, live production, animation production, and interactive content and have completed projects for major events around the globe.

Stage Holographic Events

4Dpresence team has delivered custom business and theatrical stage holograms across the globe. Recently, we have thrilled audiences with a hologram of Liam Neeson for the War of the Worlds and Stephen Hawking as a live interactive hologram at the Sydney Opera House.

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