Holographic experiences that
connect people with imagination

4Dpresence Hotel Experience™

4Dpresence Holographic Presenter

Patented holographic augmented reality enabling people to appear in the midst of the room in stunning realism and more visually compelling then being there in person. Also, 3D objects appear floating in space. Works in full ambient room light. Available in standard and custom podium designs.

4Dpresence Holographic Concierge

Hotel concierge appears as a live hologram to engage virtually with guests. Also, utilized as a compelling holographic advertising display system. Works in full ambient room light. Available in standard and custom designs.

4Dpresence Holographic Flex Stage

The patented Holographic Flex Stage technology has been used to create amazing and compelling events. The flex stage is not the dim and bulky pepper’s ghost reflected illusion. The 4Dpresence team has created Flex Stage experiences for Hollywood stars, musicians, CEOs, and, recently, for Professor Stephen Hawking. Requires controlled room light and custom stage configuration.

4Dpresence Broadcast Room

Deployed in high-end corporate meeting rooms around the globe and the US government. The 4Dpresence Broadcast Room is leaps beyond old school telepresence with cameras on top. Patented eye contact system conceals the camera behind the bright HD image, making the highest possible production value for broadcast meetings.

4Dpresence Holographic Meeting Room

Amazing bright solid holographic images of people in your meeting room based on patented direct projection technology eliminating the drawbacks of dim and bulky stage pepper’s ghost systems. Interact with life-size holographic images of people and with computer applications seemingly floating in open space. The room is built custom into hotel meeting spaces.

4Dpresence Holographic Lounge

The 4Dpresence Holographic Lounge is a stunning experience in a Hotel. It has been used in private business meeting rooms and in open areas to create casual communication with people across the globe. Perfect as a subject matter expert system by enabling quality communication with doctors, financial advisors, consultants, and many others.

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