The Hologram Town Hall Launches!

4Dpresence Holographic Town Hall™

A 4Dpresence Event Network

Compelling Holographic Communication that Connects Candidates and Issue-Oriented Groups to Massive Citizen Audiences


  • Reach numerous town hall audiences in venues around the country at the same time
  • Draw larger audiences with jaw dropping augmented reality meetings
  • Reduce candidate's travel while increasing productivity
  • Appear live at real holographic podiums at one or a dozen sites
  • Engage citizens across numerous venues
  • Increase campaign trail exposure
  • Greatly increase donation opportunities
  • Experts in patented augmented reality telepresence


  • Reach tens of thousands of citizens in massive online town hall events
  • Draw larger audiences with stunning virtual reality meetings
  • The next generation of online social interaction
  • Broadcast candidates holographically into photorealistic virtual town halls
  • Respond to citizens from across the country
  • Increase citizen awareness and engagement
  • Greatly increase donation opportunities
  • Experts in patented virtual reality telepresence

4Dpresence Event Networks

Hologram Town Hall Network

The Hologram Town Hall network empowers politicians and policy groups to have a nationwide reach with interactive live broadcasts.

Corporate Leader Network

The team at 4Dpresence has created around the globe amazing holographic events for top CEOs and now, at our partner hotels and event venues.

Illumine Speaker Network

Now motivational speakers, educators, and famous personalities can holographically beam in from their homes and offices to locations around the globe.

Medical Training Network

Major medical device and pharmaceutical companies utilize our holographic experience to draw medical professionals to their sales and training events.

Faith Live Network

No matter the faith, we help the faithful to stay connected to their global communities with compelling holographic events.

Professional Training Network

Our Professional Training Network helps your education and training firm maximize your experts' time with live holographic communications.

Inform Live! Network

Our seminar events are ideal for drawing a large audience to your paid informative events to expand the reach of your products and services.

Sports Holographic Network

Sports fans now can attend events at our partner venues and interact holographically with their favorite athletes and sports personalities.

Entertainment Network

The team at 4Dpresence has years of experience creating holographic presentations with famous actors, singers, and entertainers and now, we are delivering these experiences via our global holographic broadcast network at our partner venues.

Health Network

Our Health Network is an ideal communication medium to create compelling events and draw large audiences to health oriented seminars and events.

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