The holographic transformation of our digital lives

Who Are We:

4Dpresence Media Networks is first of a series of companies under the 4Dpresence brand focused on event networks connecting people at premier venues around the globe. Its origin was sparked at the think tank and creative solution firm DVE ( ).

4Dpresence will touch every part of our lives. The vision of science fiction writers and filmmakers is nearing reality. Our digital lives are now being empowered with clarity, productivity, and amazing immersive visual experiences.

4Dpresence is an audacious undertaking, linking social media, personal creative expression, business communications, gaming and entertainment in a connected virtual eco system. 4Dpresence will change the way you use your phone, tablet, desktop computer, and company meeting room, and will transform education, business events, the theater experience, and music concerts. 4Dpresence breaks down the fourth wall and brings people together.

Our launch team is an impressive group of innovators. The founders have patented technology in nearly 90 million consumer devices and are the leading innovators in natural augmented reality (no head mounted display required) . The founders have also deployed a nationwide immersive communication system for the department of energy connecting nuclear energy scientists across the US national labs, corporations, and universities.

Our team is made up of entrepreneurial executives in the fields of telecommunications, advertising, and entertainment. Our team also consists of experts in social media development, scientists, hardware and software engineers, optical and mechanical engineers, animators, and video producers.

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